inazuma, japan.

It's never been a quiet place - not when it's home to the greatest middle school soccer team this side of the galaxy. But lately, something even stranger has started to occur. Due to the effects of the Event, time and space have become more... guidelines than hard and fast laws of the universe.
Almost daily, people from all periods and places find themselves pulled to the town. How did they get here? And how can they get back? Answers are few and far between, but there's a great push to find them - because people out of place and time generally want to find their way home. starting guide site rules plot & premise profile template canon list our tumblr 4th september, We have a new default skin! The old one is still there if you'd prefer to use it - it's called 'Jcink default' and can be accessed via the skin changer drop down or through the user CP. I will make better names one day. Still a few things to fix up so please bare with me!
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